Kotisivut ja graafinen suunnittelu

Professional and modern graphic design and quality websites

Ihanilla is a small business that offers graphic design that is created professionally and from your wishes. Ihanilla also offers good looking and techinically first-rate website that are made search engine optimization in mind.

It is important for us that you get professional looking website that you are happy for long and make you look trustworthy in your customer's eyes.

We offer services everywhere in Finland!

Ihanilla specializes in graphic design and websites. We listen to our customer's wishes closely and offer our expertise in every part of the design process.

Customer oriented approach

We do all our work with customer oriented approach with our clien'ts goals in mind. We guide you with right choices for your industry and try see things also from your customer's point of view. In this way also your services will reach your customer base accurately and effectively.


The most important part of the design process is that end result is practical as well good looking. Just a good look is worthless if it doesn't fit your goals and everyday life. For this reason the goal is always product that lasts and what you can use it independently or with a professional.


When a project start I will provide you a timetable of the project. This timetable will be followed and if for some reason there would be a delay then the customer will be informed. This is so if there are changes that cause delay the customer has a choice if they want the changes with delay or final product faster without the changes. This means the customer is always up to date and is not left alone with a project that doesn't seem to have an end or needs all your attention to go forward.


Impressive websites that sell themselves

Old fashioned and unpractical websites are proven to be obstacle in sales. Good, practical and visually impressive websites are lifelines to your business and convince your customer that you can be trusted and about the quality of your services.

So that your website's visability is not left only up to you Ihanilla suggest things to better your ranking in search engines and makes them happen. This makes sure that your website work well in mobile. with search engines and built in WordPress with Elementor plugin.

Well designed look makes your brand stronger

Your business' look has huge part with making right impression of your brand.

Well design logo and graphic outlook gives your business and it's services a personality. these are extremely important to all business. Good graphic design is distinctive, memorable and adresses your target audience. The look can support and boost your marketing. Graphic design will became your business' identity.

Graafinen suunnittelu
Ihanilla - Yritys ja Yrittäjä Milja Käppi

One woman company

Ihanilla was founded in spring of 2020 to make all dreams possible. To do only one thing and to be content with it has never be founder's Milja's strenghts. Excitement and developing new things has always kept her on her toes. 

Although Ihanilla is mainly offers web and graphic design this is not only thing that the company does. Ihanilla also has jewelry line for consumers. jewelrylineThere's no limit in future opportunities and because of that Ihanilla wants to encourage their customers to go for their ideas and to develope them. 

Let's brainstorm together and make our ideas happen! 

Ready to begin?