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Well designed look makes your brand stronger

Well design logo and graphic outlook gives your business and it's services a personality. these are extremely important to all business. Good graphic design is distinctive, memorable and adresses your target audience. The look can support and boost your marketing. Graphic design will became your business' identity.

Logo design process


First meeting via Microsoft Teams

Project begins with a meeting via Microsoft Teams. During the meeting I will get to know your business and your target audience. It is important when designing a logo that it's pleasing to customer as well as business owners.


Design rounds

Offer also includes at least 2 designing rounds. In first round I will design 2-4 logo suggestions. Then you can choose one that I will start to edit to it's final form.

If none of the suggestions is not for your liking we will do an other designing round until there's logo that you want to pick.


Final form

The chosen logo suggestion will need finishing touches and lastly I will do just that. The amount of finishing rounds depend on the offer but the exact amount is also mentioned in the offer. When end product has gotten green light we will call the logo finished.


Well tought colors and carefully design logo will carry on the brand message long and in many forms

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Your business' look has huge part with making right impression of your brand.

With Ihanilla's expertise we will offer you all that you need to have an impressive brand image. In every stage we will listen to you and your target audience and do the research to back up our choices. Thought out visual look will make your business attractive.

Graphic design makes foundation for growth

We in Ihanilla want to celebrate creativity and memorability as the same time as we take practical aspect to mind. As professionals we know how to consult you to make impressive graphic design to happen.

We have fresh outlook and new and efficient ways to improve marketing.

The foundation of our design process is that we won't reinvent the wheel but we learn from mistakes and do one better!

We will use our time efficently and well so we can make good looking designs.