Ihanilla Laadukkaat nettisivut

Impressive websites that will impress


Your website will work in different screen sizes.

Impressive design

Modern and stylish website to reflect your company. Well thoughout look will convice and impress your customers.

Search engine optimizing

We will take search engine optimizing seriously in different stages of the design process.


How will project go?


First meeting via Microsoft Teams

Project will start with meeting via Microsoft Teams. In the meeting I will get to know your business, target audience, goals and wishes for the website. This how we make sure we address your customer right and personally. 


Visual plan and the timetable

The actual project begins when text are ready for the website. Writing the text is not included in the project but I can always recommed good writer for you. 

In the first week I will provide you a timetable that will be followed. Then I will design the visual plan of the website look. 2 fix rounds are included to the visual plan to make necessary fixes happen. When visual plan has been accepted I will start to create the site.



When site has been created there still one fix round to make last fixes. This is so we can make sure the final product is for your liking!

Web design nettisivut
Web design nettisivut

Websites with experience for different needs

Ihanilla has been making websites to different size companies and for different uses since 2020. Websites have been made to e-commerce store, small business, online services and varity of fields.

Ihanilla wants to make your voice heard in overflowing internet. Ihanilla doesn't care about the size of your business or your revenue. We only care that you get a website that meets your needs.

Impress your customers with well designed websites

Old fashioned and unpractical websites are proven to be obstacle in sales. Good, practical and visually impressive websites are lifelines to your business and convince your customer that you can be trusted and about the quality of your services.

So that your website's visability is not left only up to you Ihanilla suggest things to better your ranking in search engines and makes them happen. This makes sure that your website work well in mobile. with search engines and built in WordPress with Elementor plugin. With large network even bigger project are okay. And if there's need outside of graphic deisgn like for example photography, writer or social media then we can recommend professionals to help you. You won't be left alone!